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Nothin' Fancy Celebrates 30 Years!!
Nothin' Fancy would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year and hope you had a wonderful holiday season. We know we're excited: 2024 marks 30 years since Nothin' Fancy was founded as a band in 1994!!

The original members who founded Nothin' Fancy are Mike Andes (mandolin), Guy Carawan (fiddle), Mitchell Davis (banjo) Gary Farris (guitar), and Tony Shorter (bass). There were ten more people who have joined the ranks of the band since then. Let's recognize all 15 former and current members for their time and service as members of Nothin' Fancy:

* Mike Andes (mandolin), 1994 - present
* Guy Carawan (fiddle), 1994 - 1998
* Gary Farris (guitar), 1994 - 2012
* Tony Shorter (bass), 1994 - 2005, 2006 - 2017
* Mitchell Davis (banjo), 1994 - 2018
* Chris Sexton (fiddle), 1998 - present
* Eli Johnston (bass), 2005 - 2006
* Justin Tomlin (guitar), 2012 - 2013
* Jesse Smathers (guitar), 2014 - 2015
* Caleb Cox (guitar), 2015 - 2020
* James Cox (bass), 2017 - 2022
* Jacob Flick (banjo), 2019 - present
* Jacobe Lauzon (guitar), 2021 - 2022
* Curt Gausman (guitar), 2022 - present
* Jenkins (bass), 2023 - present

The band is celebrating with a 30-year anniversary tour, and if you visit our Tourdates page, you'll see we have quite a few new venues on our schedule and venues we have not been in years! We also will be reappearing at many favorite venues for us and for fans alike. Check out the schedule and see where we'll be, and we may still be adding more dates as we go along, so check back in with us from time to time as we add details. There are a few additional surprises, so watch this space, folks!

We hope to see you out there - we're revved up and ready to make 2024 our best year ever, and we want you there along with us to celebrate 30 years of Nothin' Fancy!!

Mike, Chris, Jacob, Curt, and Jenkins

December 2023 Tour Dates!
Hey folks! We've got four upcoming December shows that we're super excited for. Come join us!

Friday 12/8/23 [Pennyroyal Opera House], Quaker City OH

Saturday 12/9/23 [Meadowgreen Music Park], Clay City KY

Friday 12/15/23 [Court Square Theater] Harrisonburg VA

Saturday 12/16/23 [Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church], Manassas VA

Hope to see y'all at one or more of these, they're gonna be a lot of fun.

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