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Another festival is in the history books!! This festival was a personal best for Nothin' Fancy, and it would not have been possible without our most excellent festival coordinator Robyn Wines and our awesome volunteers. You all rock, and we literally could not do this without you. Thanks to all the bands that gave simply amazing concerts - your talents were much appreciated by our fans, and we had you because we knew you could deliver. Thanks to our emcee Sherry Boyd, who kept things running smoothly from band to band and made us all sound like a million bucks. Thanks to our vendors for keeping people fed and in the case of the festival shirt booth clothed with new threads to commemorate an awesome weekend. Last but certainly not least, the fans deserve a standing ovation: as Mike says, "without you, it would be a boring show!" You're the reason we keep having festivals every year, and you're the reason we travel the roads. Not much words can express our gratitude, so we'll thank you in the style of our bassist Jenkins: Thankins!

A little custodial note: there were some small personal items left specifically near the camper of Mike Andes on Saturday evening, including prescription glasses and a black hoodie. If you feel you left those behind, check with the park main office at (540) 261-7321.

And the New Bass Player Is...
Jenkins!! Coming to a bluegrass festival near you.

From the dark swamps of the midlands of the Palmetto State comes a wondrous musical force of nature wielding a largemouth upright bass. The fresh face to Nothin' Fancy carries the torch of bluegrass music in his heart and has done so for several decades. He has performed on three continents, and he has been seen working with Frank Solivan and has recorded with Frank Wakefield. Jenkins is an entertainer both on the stage and while hanging out with you in the fields of bluegrass festivals far and wide. He only asks that if you're going to throw tomatoes at him, remember to take them out of the can first. Come find us out there on the bluegrass trail - if you're lucky, he'll autograph your Nothin' Fancy CDs with a hearty "Thankins" from Jenkins!

James Cox Bids Farewell
Nothin’ Fancy bass player James Cox, who has been with the band since he was 16, made a decision to leave the band to dedicate more time to the band he formed with his brother John called The Jangles. It has been an interesting time having James around for 5 years, and in the last few years James has developed a confident stage presence worthy of a good showman, and the band is sorry to see him leave. Mike, Jacob, and Curt wish him all the best in his endeavors with the Jangles, and we encourage everyone to give James love and support as he starts this new chapter in his career.

So as the new album says, “Here We Go Again!” If anyone would like to audition on bass or if you have a reference for a bass player, click here to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

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