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Happy Trails to Caleb Cox
Nothin’ Fancy is wishing our guitar player of over five years, Caleb Cox, all the best as he steps down from his position in the band for personal reasons. He has been a blessing to work with, and his unique personality, humor, and talent are not replaceable. We will miss having Caleb onstage with us (we’ve missed seeing him just about all of last year!) and it will certainly not be the same traveling without him. Wherever his future endeavors may take him, we hope he is successful in every way.

With the pandemic still at large and a very limited supply of performances lined up for early 2021, we will not be able to try people out in the same ways that we’ve done in the past. Please contact Mike Andes or Chris Sexton by email if you would like to audition or have a recommendation and we will send you details then. We are specifically looking for a guitar player who sings tenor and tenor parts in harmony.

Mike Andes:
Chris Sexton:

The current situation...
As you can see from our website's tour date section, we've lost a lot of performance opportunities to this pandemic. We are at least blessed in that the bus payments have been temporarily suspended, and that we qualify for grants, on which our awesome business manager Robyn Wines is working. The Nothin' Fancy crew would like to publicly acknowledge Robyn's determination and hard work and share our appreciation of her skill. Thanks, Robyn - you are a blessing to us all!

We recently had a Zoom meeting between Robyn, her husband Willie (our intrepid bus driver, who had a few comic moments trying to get the camera to put in on screen in a position other than upside-down), Mike and his wife Becky, Chris, Caleb and his wife Emily, Jacob, and James. It was a good time for us to check in with each other and figure out some game plans for the future. We will be posting more material on the Nothin' Fancy Facebook site, and Caleb and Chris at least will be doing more live concerts from that same page. Follow us there, like our Facebook page, and stay tuned in. We are also planning our own YouTube page for the die-hard fans of our music as well, so we're not done by any means.

We do miss seeing each other and making music together, and we miss being around our fans, who are family to us. We have to stay strong and be ready for the day where we can be together again. Hang tight, stay strong, stay safe, be well, and stay well!

Mike, Chris, Caleb, James, and Jacob

Nothin’ Fancy’s New Banjo Player
Nothin’ Fancy is very excited (and relieved) to introduce our newest bandmate: Jacob Flick!

Jacob is a student at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. He is majoring in Appalachian studies with a concentration in bluegrass, and is among a new generation of bluegrass musicians who are pursuing the study of the music in institutes of higher learning. When not at ETSU, he hangs his hat in Singers Glen, VA. Jacob has been a fan of Nothin’ Fancy for years, and considered playing with Nothin’ Fancy “a dream job” ever since. The crew of Nothin’ Fancy are happy to make that dream a reality!

He is an avid fisherman, collects vinyl records, spends time with friends and family, and of course spends a lot of quality time with his banjo.

Let’s all give a warm welcome to Jacob as he joins the Nothin’ Fancy family!

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